We spread the wings, You take the innitiative

About the Park


The Kingdom of Swaziland, along with the rest of the developing countries, continues to face the socio-economic challenges of the 21st century. The need to accomplish the Millenium Development goals, especially on the reduction of hunger and poverty, is the paramount focus of our government and we are determined not only to achieve these goals but to surpass them. Reality has shown that in spite of vigorous Government initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and stimulating local investments, our economy has not been growing at levels that would increase wealth creation and reduce poverty. It is thus imperative that new approaches to industrial development be explored.
I am convinced that the application of science and technology to industrial development will create the stimulus for wealth creation by providing cost-effective solutions for knowledge-based enterprises. Our drive is to exploit opportunities provided by technological innovation through Research and Development (R&D) in order to realise optimum benefits of available natural resources in the country. Our economy is backed by agriculture, and the abundant availability of a wide variety of indigenous plants provides an excellent basis for the development of a Biotechnology Park which will lead in research and development of new agricultural products, food processing,cosmetic and medicinal products, as well as bio-fuels, to name a few. The Biotechnology Park will strengthen our quest for food sustainability as well as stimulating innovation in industrial


The Country and Beyond
The Kingdom of Swaziland is ideally situated in a beautiful landlocked region of Southern Africa bordered by South Africa to the North, South and West and Mozambique to the East. Its abundant resources and well developed infrastructure combined with the government’s initiative to provide easy and efficient access to its market place creates a uniquely safe haven for investment and a centre of excellence for developing business activity.

Regional cooperation is the powerful tool which enables Swaziland to bravely embrace the challenges and opportunities of the globalising economy. A Member State of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Swaziland is not only a gateway to the vibrant surrounding region, but also a superior, costcompetitive investment location to launch your product/technology to the region and the outside world.

A New Journey to a New Discovery

The investment policy of Swaziland is deeply rooted in facilitating the dynamic climate of industrial investment and caters to the pioneering development of new hi-tech discoveries, especially the emergence of the biotechnology sector. The Kingdom is well known for its rich diversity of plants and animal life and harboring large stocks of precious life species; thereby offering greater potential for greater success in areas of research.

With mature agricultural development in Swaziland firmly in place, the processing of natural resources integrated with science and  technology adds an exciting new dimension to the world of investment opportunity. The Swaziland Biotechnology Park opens the door to all of its rewards and benefits, and sets the stage for lifting your business to new heights — right here, right now — in a highly advanced and advantageous working environment and world class technology. e spread the wings, W you take the initiative.

Information Technology Park

The information park development will start with an information technology centre which will support the government policy of expanding the applications of ict and creation of additional electronic delivery of public services through infrastructure   and institutional capability development. With the advent of globalization, a nation’s production and innovation are no longer limited by national borders. Companies around the world can now perform aspects of their operations anywhere in the world where conditions are more favorable.

Technology Park will serve to:

  • Stimulate and pursue research on the commercialization potental of indigenous plants and animals
  • Propagate, process, package and sell value added products derived from natural plans and animals
  • Explore trade opportuinities that exist for Swaziland’s nature based products in the local, regional and global .markets
  • Enhance access of processed products in existing markets
  • Attract high technology companies to invest in Swaziland
  • Stimulate innovation act0ivity in the kingdom
  • Offer and co-ordinate training and career path development within a framework of commercial viability