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About The National Contact Centre

The National Contact Centre (NCC) is a business unit located on the 2nd Floor of the IT Center. NCC is one of the many initiatives taking the country to the world class status and it is Swaziland’s first National Contact Centre that offers world-class business process outsourcing solutions. The Centre seeks to address issues that arise from the rapid changes taking place in the business environment, these include political, economic, regulatory, environmental, social, legal and technological changes. To address these changes the center uses the latest Innovative technologies and a highly skilled workforce to steer businesses forward through offering outsourcing solutions whilst businesses focus on their core business. This offering goes a long way in positively impacting revenues and improving operational efficiencies within the business communities locally, regionally and globally.


Our core business is the provision of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions starting with the local market and eventually the international market. BPO services are often categorised into the following:

Front Office Outsourcing

Front Office outsourcing support service that the Center provides are as follows:

  • Telemarketing
  • Customer service/support
  • Technical support/help desk
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inbound/outbound sales
  • Market research

Back Office Outsourcing

The Center offers organizations the opportunity to outsource tasks like billing, purchasing, data entry, data management, surveys, payment processing, quality assurance and accounting support to help keep the business running smoothly.

Web-based Outsourcing

This includes social media, live chats and other web-based campaigns.



  • Telephone directory assistance
  • Hotel call centre services
  • Business and market intelligence


  • Customer relationship management
  • Inbound
  • Technical helpdesk
  •  After sales support

Business Growth

  • Training
  • Debt recovery
  • Data management
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

For more information contact us

2nd Floor Innovation Park Phocweni, Matsapha Swaziland

+268 2518 0000

National Contact Center