Physical Layout and Monitoring of the NDC


Access Controls and Safety:


– Privilege to access the DC room is not granted to every RSTP employee

  • 24/7 dedicated security personnel
  • Video surveilance of all the data centre zones and racks
  • Secure authentication for access control to server farms through the use of biometrics
  • Off-site back-up to support disaster recovery


Electrical System (Power)


  • Redundant power feeds from the service provider.
  • 4 Diesel Generators, 500 KVA each
  • Controls have an automatic restart after power failure


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:


– Self Cooling Smart Rows to manage the heat produced and reduce cooling costs

  • Air filtration media are installed at air intake points.


Server Cabinet System


– Consists of smart rows of 42 U racks

  • Uses Biometric authentication



– Carrier-neutral

  • High-speed Internet
  • Two diverse feeds from service providers


NDC monitoring:


  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for real-time data on resource usage
  • Fire Detection System
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Aparatus (VESDA)
  • Water Leakage Detection (WLD)
  • Surveilance Cameras