The King’s Vision


By 2022 The Kingdom of ESwatini will be renowned internationally for her swiftness in exploring science, technology and innovation as means to increase the country’s economic growth and increase capacity by developing a knowledge-based economy and infrastructure thus substantially alleviating poverty.

His Majesty King Mswati the 3rd

The Kingdom of eSwatini, along with the rest of the developing countries, continues to face socio-economic challenges of the 21st century. Reality has shown that in spite of vigorous government initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and stimulating local investments, our economy has not been growing at levels that would increase wealth creation and reduce poverty. It is thus imperative that new approaches to industrial development to be explored.

“As we reflect on our success and the growth of the nation. In celebrating our 40 years of peace and stability, we shall be unleashing the development potential of our country. This is the theme for this year I urge all citizens to stand up and be proudly counted as part of this move to turn our past challenges into opportunities as we propel ourselves to greater heights.’’

Our science and technology park will provide a comparatively excellent infrastructure and we are determined to offer competitive incentives for investments. We invite you to be part of this technological development initiative and you will not be disappointed.