Knowledge Generation | Knowledge Awareness | Knowledge Commercialization

The Biotechnology Research Unit will serve as a multi-purpose platform for R&D in bio-related technologies, production marketing and trading.

Knowledge Awareness

  • The Biotechnology Park provides platforms to showcase, global and national, innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), esp. in the field of biotechnology. • The biotechnology park serves as a focal point for various Regional Bioscience Networks (e.g. SANBIo). This will allow more efficient communication between national bioscience practitioners and the networks. Leading to faster awareness of opportunities to pursue and needs to be met by local Researchers and their supporting agencies.

Knowledge Generation

  • Research Laboratory facilities will support research and development efforts in biotechnology, to optimize the use of natural resources in the Kingdom, and facilitate the uptake and commercialization of that research. There will be a focus in medical, Industrial and agricultural biotechnology Research.
  • Partner with local university science departments to ensure knowledge generation scientist and engineers.

Knowledge Commercialization

  • A Technology Transfer Office will assist in finding the best route to market for new biotechnology innovations produced in Eswatini.
  • A Biotechnology Incubator will provide business and technical services for start-up biotechnology companies. The companies that are still in the initial development stage of their business will housed in the business Centre.

Mass Production and Investor Facilitation

  • The Biotechnology Park will propagate, process, package and sell value added products derived from natural plants and animals. Bio refineries will be established for the manufacturing of Biofuels, Bio fertilizers, Biopharmaceuticals other industrial Bio products.