The National Data Centre is an entity of the Royal Science and Technology Park, which strives to provide secure, efficient and reliable ICT services to enterprises as well as aiding in e government development and promoting digital inclusion within the Kingdom of Eswatini.




Platform as a service

The provision of platforms such as operating systems and database tools which accurately meet the customers requirements.

Infrastructure as a service

The allocation of computing, storage and networking resources to an enterprise or potential client.

Software as a service

Providing software and applicable applications to platforms in order to cater to the requirements of potenatial customers.

Remote hand services

With our remote hand service, we have the ability to interact, monitor and contro; our equipment from a remote location. This ensurers that all our equipment is monitored and maintained to the best of our abilities.

Colocation service

Our location service enables our customers to have physical access to their servers,networking equipment, storage and bandwith to meet each and everyone of their needs both personal and enterprise use.

Physical Layout and Monitoring



Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:

Access control and Safety

Electrical System (Power):

Server Cabinet System

Our Value Proposition

The Royal Science and Technology Park’s (RSTP) National Data Centre (NDC) provides IT Managed services through the provision of advanced technology infrastructure that will enable companies to outsource their ICT functions and services, thus focus the bulk of their effort and budget on the delivery of their core products and services.

The Advantages and Benefits of the National Data Centre

Data Centre Brochure