The National Data Centre is an entity of the Royal Science and Technology Park, which strives to provide secure, efficient and reliable ICT services to enterprises as well as aiding in e government development and promoting digital inclusion within the Kingdom of Eswatini.


  • To provide quality ICT services to the public and private sectoer using Agile and secured morden technologies
  • To be the e-government development and implementation platform
  • To support research and high-end computing   activities through the use of high performance computing (HPC) 
  • To participate in regional and international ICT initiatives and be a competent global citizen
  • To promote the use of ICT to improve the economy of the Kingdom of Eswatini


  • To Provide modern and agile ICT infrastructure to the Kingdom of Eswatini
  • To aid Eswatini in moving towards secure business solutions such as an e-government and e-commerce infrastructure
  • To participate in regional and international ICT initiatives and be a competent global citizen
  • A scalable ICT environment designed to deliver 100% of the customer’s business services which could potentially come in the form of web hosting service, secure data repositories and the provision of national payment gateways.
  • To equip our country with the skills and resources needed to compete within the global markets.


Platform as a service

The provision of platforms such as operating systems and database tools which accurately meet the customers requirements.

Infrastructure as a service

The allocation of computing, storage and networking resources to an enterprise or potential client.

Software as a service

Providing software and applicable applications to platforms in order to cater to the requirements of potenatial customers.

Remote hand services

With our remote hand service, we have the ability to interact, monitor and contro; our equipment from a remote location. This ensurers that all our equipment is monitored and maintained to the best of our abilities.

Colocation service

Our location service enables our customers to have physical access to their servers,networking equipment, storage and bandwith to meet each and everyone of their needs both personal and enterprise use.

Physical Layout and Monitoring


  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for real-time data on resource usage
  • Fire Detection System
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Aparatus (VESDA)
  • Water Leakage Detection (WLD)
  • Surveilance Cameras


  • Carrier-neutral
  • High-speed Internet
  • Two diverse feeds from service providers

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:

  • Self Cooling Smart Rows to manage the heat produced and reduce cooling cost
  • Air filtration media are installed at air intake points

Access control and Safety

  • Privilege to access the DC room is not granted to every RSTP employee
  • 24/7 dedicated security personnel
  • Video surveilance of all the data centre zones and racks
  • Secure authentication for access control to server farms through the use of biometrics
  • Off-site back-up to support disaster recovery

Electrical System (Power):

  • Redundant power feeds from the service provider.
  • 4 Diesel Generators, 500 KVA each
  • Controls have an automatic restart after power failure

Server Cabinet System

  • Consists of smart rows of 42 U racks
  • Uses Biometric authentication

Our Value Proposition

The Royal Science and Technology Park’s (RSTP) National Data Centre (NDC) provides IT Managed services through the provision of advanced technology infrastructure that will enable companies to outsource their ICT functions and services, thus focus the bulk of their effort and budget on the delivery of their core products and services.

The Advantages and Benefits of the National Data Centre

  • Scalability: we design scalable solutions which can be easily expanded to the development and growth strategy of your ICT needs.
  • Resiliency: We guarantee redundancy of all critical systems in the data centre, for the purpose of carrying out preventive maintenance, but also corrective remedies, without affecting the operation of IT. Secured parameters against cyberattacks. We guarantee availability 24/7. We have a Data Centre Infrastructure management system to enable tracking, alerting and energy usage. The NDC also provides real time data usage of all National Data Centre ICT resources from communication, processing and an administration interface.
  • Energy metering: we use smart row technologies to minimise operational costs such as power consumption, without compromising the quality of our services as well having real time and periodic reporting of electricity consumption equipment.
  • Latest Technologies: Our Data Centre was built using the most advanced resources and technology, through equipment geared towards performance, energy efficiency and cyber security. Adoption of technologies such as AI, ML, Crypto-Currency and block chain.
  • E-government: development and implementation platform which results in improved access to government services.
  • Threat Management System to detect and respond to cyber attacks.
  • Data Analytics to provide big data analytical tools.
  • Business Continuity to provide disaster recovery site with office space.
  • Stimulates e-commerce as enterprises now have access to affordable and modern technologies to improve their competitiveness. 

Data Centre Brochure